Best Tanning Lotions – Choose from the Designer Skin Lotion Variety

Presently, getting that sun-kissed glow is all about searching for the best tanning lotions of which you can obtain a quality product by looking among the designer skin lotion variety. It is official that using the sun and solariums as means of tanning present the risks of skin cancer and burns due to exposure to the harmful UV-ultra violet rays and therefore using a sunless solution is the most advisable option. A typical search of the best tanning lotions will reveal a mammoth number of products and it can be quite confusing to decide on the ideal lotion. As such, this is not the best way to go about shopping for tanning products. Today’s shopper has to be well informed so as to make wise shopping decisions.

With regards to the designer skin lotion variety you will discover that these products are available in varying strengths ranging from 8X to 100X, with most people go for the range between 20X and 50X but 100X is also popular. It also matters how fair your skin is and hence bronzer tanning lotions are also segregated for the different skin types and into those with or without sunscreen. A faster tanning result is achievable using bronzing accelerator lotions, and which are also available in a good variety.

Tanning lotions are further divided into hot or cool tingle lotions and those for men or women. When searching for the best tanning lotions there is always the risk of purchasing a fake product and which may contain poor quality or toxic contents that will harm your skin. As such, it is best to get your designer skin lotion from a source that can stand behind the quality and authenticity of its products. This means looking for and getting recommendations on legitimate stores especially when shopping online. Some of the most sought after designer skin lotion brands include the Supre collection, and which includes products such as Hemplessly In Love, Smoke Hemp, Hooked, High Society and Honey Dew Hemp, and the famous Designer Skin collection with names such as Mood, Bellezza, Queen, 14 Karat Gold, Black, Golden Ceremony, Luminary, Hemphatic, Paramour, Revival, Made For Love and Sheer Wisdom.

For tanning lotions with sunscreen we have the Australian Gold and Ed Hardy brands which feature a couple of products with varying levels of SPF. Among these products you will find lotions that are hypoallergenic and fragrance-free, containing caffeine, black tea and fruit extracts, hemp cream oil, carrot oil, and moisture-rich vitamins and minerals. Some of the best tanning lotions are made with hemp oil which boasts a rich vault of polyunsaturated essential fatty acids omega-3 and 6 which are essential in moisturizing the skin thus keeping it soft and supple.