Designer skin tanning lotion

It is quite amazing to enjoy the sun during the summer months. However, with our lives becoming quite hectic and with so much to do, sun basking has become a luxury. It is with this in mind that is recommending a designer skin tanning lotion that an individual can use indoors with tanning beds to achieve that coveted tan on his or her skin quickly and effectively. explains that an individual using Designer skin tanning lotions can achieve a golden-bronze radiant skin color and a firmer, smoother skin. In addition, this line of tanning lotions has dark tanning intensifiers that provide the skin with immediate tanning results and can be comfortably used with on any type of skin. This is made possible by the advanced skin care ingredients and superior formulations used to manufacture this line of lotions.

A designer skin tanning lotion has excellent ingredients like alpha-lipoic acid and copper peptide that not only work as anti aging and skin regeneration agents, but they also protect the skin surface. further explains that these two ingredients have made this line of tanning lotions superior to any other tanning lotions used with tanning beds as they provide quick and effective tanning and at the same time ensure that your skin receives the best care.

Designer skin provides a range of tanning lotions. It is therefore important to choose a lotion that will work best to perfectly suit your goals. You can do this by checking the ingredients in the various tanning lotions to make sure that you buy the right one. If you want a darker tan you need to choose a product with a lower SPF rating and to get a lighter tan you must pick a lotion with a higher SPF rating. One other thing that you will need to consider is your budget. Compare the prices of the different brands online and you will be able to choose a lotion that you will afford; the lotions available on this website are definitely very well priced. Visit to get great bargains on all Designer skin tanning lotions.