Whether you’re stepping out on a red carpet, hitting the town or relieving stress with a little retail therapy—You never know where the paparazzi may strike. With our premiere line of tanning products you will be photo ready wherever you go! Bronze color perfection with a kiss of Kardashian! Love, Kourtney, Kim & Khloé

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These days keeping up with Kardashians may not be as far off as it once was. Be a little be more like one of these fun, lively, hardworking sisters with their own special line of Kardashian Glow products! Haven't you ever wanted to look like Khloe, Kourtney or Kim? Well, now it's really never been easier. From the Kardashian Glow bronzer to the simple, powerful Kardashian Glow intensifier, this amazing line give you the tools you need to tan like a celebrity today!

At Tanning Lotion Supply, we're excited to bring you this fantastic brand of self tanning lotions at a price you can really be excited about. Our mission is to provide our customers with the tanning lotions, bronzers, accelerators and intensifiers they love, so that they can have the tan they want without totally breaking the bank.

Tanning is a natural part of most celebrities lives, and the Kardashians have captured that with this special line. Rather than putting a lot of harmful chemicals together, bottling it, and selling it to unknowing fans, they've made every effort to create a product that is enriching as well as vitalizing, moisturizing and really effective. Get the glow without all the nasty side-effects!

Unlike those cheap bronzers that rub off in the shower or get all over your clothes, the Kardashian Glow dark bronzer is a specially designed formula that's paraben free, hemp free—even gluten free—and hypoallergenic, and is made to blend with your skin and last all throughout that special occasion. Whether you're going to an a-list party in LA, or a big party of your own, make sure you look amazing all throughout the night—no matter what happens.

The Kardashian Glow intensifier is designed for those who love to be in the sun, and want that extra “oomf” when they're getting their tan on. With the moisturizing elements you'll find in top-quality hand lotions, these products are designed to do a lot more than just make your skin look great—it will leave your skin feeling softer, smoother, healthier and better taken care of.

The benefits of a tan go far beyond the simple aesthetic quality. You'll be looking thinner, and feeling happier, which will in turn boost your sense of self-confidence, which will actually help you combat the daily struggles of work, school, and home. You'll be more energized because you'll have a renewed sense of self worth. It may even be the little bit of motivation you need to start accomplishing some of those goals you've been putting off.

Take care of your body and take care of your skin with products that won't just make you look great, but are made with great ingredients designed for you to feel healthier, happier and more like a Kardashian. We offer this celebrity-quality line of tanning lotions at prices anyone could be excited about, and we hope that you take advantage of our great offers and selection, so that you can be as tan as Kim K today!